99 brilliant women in AI ethics… and I

I have just found out that I have been named one of 100 brilliant women in AI ethics. The Women in AI Ethics (WAIE) list is a global “list of 100 brilliant and inspiring women” issued once a year, and of course I am honored by the nomination. But I am even more thrilled by the fantastic company I find myself in. I mean: I am on the same list as danah boyd. Gina Neff. Anna Lauren Hoffmann. Abeba Birhane. And I could go on. Ninety-nine outstanding experts and amazing role-models from all over the world… and I.

It is a vertiginuous feeling. My ambiguity towards “AI ethics” are not exactly helpful here. (But as AI ethics seems definitely have become a thing, I should perhaps just embrace it, and drop the scare quotes?) Add to that my ambiguity towards top-ranking lists of any kind — the sociologist in me tends to be more curious about e.g. the categorization criteria and selection processes than the outcome…

Then again, it is Sunday morning, before my first coffee. And I have just been named a brilliant women in AI ethics among great company. I guess I’ll take it. :)

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  1. Katrina Morris

    Ha! I’ve been saying that I wish there were a job in AI ethics for a couple of years now, but I didn’t think it existed! I remember even doing a job search a few years ago. I guess I gave up too easily!


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