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Social Media: the big picture + academic use

PEW Internet
Pew Research Center is an independent research institution based in the US. PEW Internet informs about facts and figures related to the internet.

Use of social media by the library: current practices and future opportunities [pdf]
This White Paper by Taylor & Francis White Paper contains a pertinent analysis of current practices and future opportunities. Although it addresses libraries in peculiar, most of it applies to any research-supporting institution

‘Feeling Better Connected’: Academics’ Use of Social Media. [pdf]
Report by Deborah Lupton (2014). Canberra: News & Media Research Centre, University of Canberra

Oxford University Press: Social Media Guidelines
Filed under ‘Marketing Resources for Authors‘ this website provides a great overview of potential uses (including helpful tips) of different SM platforms. (Simultaneously, it serves as cross-promotion for OUP’s channels.)

@AcademicsSay: The Story Behind a Social-Media Experiment
This article describes a compelling case of academic use of SM. Bonus: many links to SM research within the text.

What will the scholarly profile page of the future look like? Provision of metadata is enabling experimentation
Very pertinent benchmark of different ‘scholarly profile’ platforms on the LSE blog by Lambert Heller.

Risks & potentials of social media, advantages, disadvantages

Swiss Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance
The website contains many checklists and instructions, providing “practical help on the safe use of information and communication technologies”.

A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Social Media Risk and Compliance [pdf]
This document by Accenture has been created with financial institutions in mind, but its content applies broadly.

Managing Risk in a Social Media – Driven Society
A general overview by Protiviti from 2011, still valid today.

FBI: Internet Social Networking Risks
A short guide by the FBI aimed at individuals.


18 tips how to increase YouTube subscribers
This article helps you evaluate where you currently stand, and gives advice for the next steps.

The 20 most effective ways to distribute your YouTube video
Tips for better marketing of a video on YouTube.

YouTube Ranking Factors
A recent article containing very complete instructions for a better video ranking.

5 facts about online video
Compiled by PEW research for YouTube’s 10th birthday.


Best Colleges Online (content marketing) 99 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics (Updated)
Very helpful article because of its many links to advice and How-To-s in one place.

Twitter: Top tips for academia
University of Oxford’s Research Skills Toolkit regarding Twitter (links)


Using Twitter & LinkedIn to promote your event
5 pieces of advice that can serve as a checklist

Nonprofit strategies for getting more out of LinkedIn
Tutorial for Non-Profits that has the advantage of not being centered on marketing and sales. Bonus: there is a great presentation embedded.

Other ‘social media’


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