Community Management for Ecowizz

It is all about interaction. Interaction online and interaction offline. This is what has brought me to Social Media: interaction online par excellence.

And if you have already visited my profile page, you might have noticed a special bond with “community management”. (Actually, I have been one of the first members of the Swiss Community Managers Association after attending its very first – yet informal – meeting almost two years ago.) A special bond – despite the fact that community management is not naturally associated with the strategical level. Theoretically.

In reality, interaction is crucial on every level.

A good strategy needs good community management to really work. This is why whatever “social media strategy” should not only be tailored to the company/market/cause at hand but also consider realistic execution, i.e. take into account internal organization, culture and resources.

This is what I will be experiencing first hand at ecowizz, starting right away, as a community manager focusing on interactions in German.

Ecowizz is a Swiss startup committed to making energy saving fun. Its product empowers individuals to control and lower their consumption of electricity the smart way. I am excited about the perspective of supporting the work of passionate people, especially when their work (i.e. their passion) benefits everyone: ecowizz clients as well as society in general.

Of course my hands-on experience will contribute to the “big picture” I keep advocating for with Sociostrategy. While on the surface nothing will change the way Sociostrategy runs, my knowledge will grow and improve through my experience with ecowizz.

I am looking forward to the realities of community management. Because it is all about interaction.

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