About Anna Jobin

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A fervent advocate of connected thinking, Anna Jobin is currently a researcher at the Health Ethics & Policy Lab at ETH Zurich as well as a phd candidate affiliated to the laboratory of digital humanities and cultures and the laboratory of science and technology studies of Lausanne University.

She obtained a mobility fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation to visit the Science & Technology Studies Department at Cornell University in 2016/17 and was also a Visiting Research Scholar at the Science, Technology, and Society Program at Tufts University in 2017/18.

Before, she was affiliated with EPFL’s Collège des Humanités for three years, following a fruitful collaboration with Frederic Kaplan of the DHLAB of EPFL that included assistance with the organisation of the first Just-in-time-sociology workshop and research on “linguistic capitalism” as well as “linguistic prosthesis”. She is a member of the Swiss Sociological Association, the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), the Association of Computing Machinery, and the Association of Internet Researchers.

She holds a bilingual lic.rer.soc. degree (equivalent to a M.A.) of the University of Fribourg, Departement of Science of Society, having studied Sociology, IT/Information Management and Economics. During her studies, Anna Jobin volunteered for several years in her department’s Student’s Comitee which she co-presided for 2 election terms. She was a students’ representative at the Faculty Council for three years, participating in negotiations over the Faculty’s implementation of the European Bologna reform.

Anna Jobin’s work experience is not restricted to academia: after recurring engagements within the film industry – notably cinemas, festivals, film distributions and film producers, she used to advice and coach of individuals, companies and organizations in order to help them better understand and interact with the “digital world“. Her deep overall understanding of internet and social media matters are highly appreciated by the media, notably Swiss National Radio. For samples as well as additional information, please check out her profile.

She is fluent in Swiss German, German, French and English, and elementary proficient in Spanish and Farsi. Her personal interest include cinema, traveling and playing the piano.